Video : Pioneering the Digital Transformation of the Maritime Industry 

Video : Pioneering the Digital Transformation of the Maritime Industry 

For more than 2 decades, Ascenz Marorka has pioneered the maritime industry’s digital transformation. Supported by GTT, a company with more than 60 years of expertise, we serve customers all around the globe.  

Our customers enjoy tangible benefits like costs and emissions savings that go up to 15%. In the area of environmental responsibility, Ascenz Marorka helps them comply with the latest regulations and have a real impact on the global efforts of decarbonization.   

We truly believe that the combination of expertise and technology is the right recipe to tackle maritime environmental and operational challenges with innovative and relevant solutions.   

We are Ascenz Marorka.    

Let’s navigate excellence together!  

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About Ascenz Marorka :  

Ascenz Marorka, a GTT company, is a leading provider of digital solutions for Smart Ships in the maritime industry, offering one of the most comprehensive, innovative and reliable digital platforms for ship owners and charterers around the world.  

Ascenz Marorka,  is the result of a merger between two pioneering maritime digitalization companies: Ascenz, a Singaporean company specializing in Electronic Fuel and Bunkering Monitoring, and Marorka, an Icelandic expert in vessel performance management, data acquisition, and modelling. 

Ascenz Marorka’s vision is to harness high-performance digital technology to enhance ship safety, efficiency, and reduce the environmental impact of the maritime industry. 

Our mission is to deliver the most comprehensive, innovative and reliable solution to ship owners and charterers globally. We offer a complete range of solutions, including sensors, modular suite of software and expert services. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve equipped vessels for over 160 customers worldwide. We are dedicated to innovation and collaborate closely with our customers to create a safer and more sustainable future. 

Ascenz Marorka portfolio comprises solutions for LNG Cargo Management, Electronic Fuel Monitoring, Vessel Performance Management, Emissions Monitoring, Operational and Regulatory Reporting, Weather Routing… 

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