Webinar [Chinese Language] Taking vessel perfomance to a new level

Webinar [Chinese Language] Taking vessel perfomance to a new level

To many companies, vessel performance management does not go much further than monitoring – collecting data and looking at it.

In this webinar, we show how shipping companies can make the most out of data, using data to get in-depth insights into what is going on and make decisions, covering both technical and commercial issues. The presentation draw from experiences in providing performance management services to different vessel types and all sectors. 

Marorka and Ascenz from GTT Digital will highlight the benefit in transforming knowledge and experience into operationally accepted vessel performance products and services, which address the commercial and technological needs. Clearly selected insights and analytics can assist customers in making good decisions supported by data. Concrete case studies leading to successful vessel performance management will be presented.

The webinar will also explore the complexity of different stakeholder relationships and the different ship types with their specific requirements, yet, with the advancement of technology allows all of them to come together, under one platform, achieving their own business goals as well as contributing to sustainable shipping. 

Speaker 1: Tang Teck Hong,Director – Commercial, Ascenz
Speaker 2: Zong Zhi Yi, Consultant, Marorka ehf

LNG, as the important alternative energy for shipping industry in the future, we will continue the discussion on Smart Bunkering and energy efficiency management of LNG fuel in the next Webinar.

对许多公司来说,船舶能效管理停留在实时监控 – 收集数据及数据回顾。
演讲人 1: 董德煌 商务总监, Ascenz
演讲人 2: 宗知谊 Marorka ehf 顾问